Visionary Briefing Special Edition – GDPR Programme – 21 December 2017

Visionary Briefing Special Edition – 21 December2017

Provisional Programme of GDPR Support Designed Exclusively For Full Visionary Members

Getting ready for the new data protection legislation – GDPR 25May 2018

Visionary is pleased to announce our provisional programme of support available to local sight loss organisations starting in January 2018 in response to concerns raised about how to become compliant within the new GDPR legislation and for the general practice of good data protection.

We will be working with Carla Whalen from Russell Cooke, who is a legal expert in data protection. Many of you may remember Carla from the Data Protection Workshop at our annual conference this year.

Our programme of support will run from January to May 2018; in the run up to the legislation coming into action and we will explore follow up support post May 2018, so that we can review how organisations have adapted since legislation has come into force. The support will be tailored to meet the specific needs of our members in order to complement much of the generic training and toolkitsalready available.

The programme of support will provisionally include:

  • A podcast for Visionary members consisting of; an interview with Carla Whalen answering pre-submitted questions from the membershipand experiences from our members (January 2018).
  • A live webinar Q&A with Carla Whalen (March 2018).
  • Carla Whalen will provide data protection phone advice on an individualbasis, as shewill be on a retainer from February to May 2018. This is in addition to the already available free legal helpline with Russell Cooke, which can also be used for data protection queries. Call 020 382 67538 to speak with a qualified member of the Russell-Cooke team, who will provide up to 15 minutes of free legal advice.
  • Two location days for organisations to come together and meet with Carla and get support on progressing their action plans (April/May 2018).
  • Post May 2018 we will work with Carla to provide a session tailored to supporting organisations with good practice compliance beyond GDPR implementation, learning from what others have done to date and any further guidance issued by the ICO since seeing the law being applied in practice.

Please note this provisional programme may be subject to change in response to what members need to prioritise and where there is most demand.

For those of you who are too excited to wait until our programme kicks off in January, you might want to use the festive period to think about a question you would like to submit and have answered by Carla Whalen as part of January’s podcast.

Please submit your question in as precise terms as possible to with the subject ‚ÄòGDPR Podcast Question’. We will not mention which organisation has submitted which question in the podcast recording unless you specifically want us to (to help with regional context for example).

The deadline for questions to be submitted is Tuesday 16January 2018 by 12pm. Depending on volume and suitability, we cannot guarantee that all questions will be answered in the podcast, but Carla will be available, on a retainer basis, for you to seek advice if the podcast does not resolve your queries. Support will also be available from the Visionary team where legal advice is not required.

The podcast will be available through the Visionary website on Tuesday 30January 2018.

In the mean time, you can log in and check out the information in the Data Protection area of the members’ Knowledge Hub:

If you have anything you would like to share to support your fellow members, we would love to hear from you.

For any questions or suggestions about Visionary’s new programme of support for data protection, please email We always want to make sure that our support is best suited to your organisation’s requirements.

We will keep you updated in the New Year on our next steps and we look forward to your involvement.


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