They have come together to explore how they can enjoy the same video-games as their sighted peers, and press developers to make gaming software more accessible. Set up by national sight loss charity Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB), members of the group are taking part on a weekly online call, sharing their own … Continued

It’s game on for blind and partially sighted players in Northern Ireland and Scotland with the launch of a new gaming group

    RNIB, Guide Dogs and Thomas Pocklington Trust have updated their policy guidance on the national restrictions in England including guidance on sighted guiding. 210106 New national restrictions in England from 6 January v1.0 FINAL

Policy guidance for new national restrictions in England

Thomas Pocklington Trust are helping to raise awareness of the issues and challenges facing people living with sight loss through the development of a new short film:     What do we see? How the world looks to blind and partially sighted people. This film aims to increase awareness and understanding of the needs and aspirations of blind and partially sighted people.  Thomas Pocklington … Continued

Thomas Pocklington Trust Launch New Video “What do we See?”

    Visionary and the RNIB are working in partnership to ensure that people living with sight loss are aware of the range of services available to support them, especially those provided by local sight loss organisations. This work pre-dates the COVID pandemic, however the major disruption COVID-19 restrictions brought saw a significant shift to … Continued

RNIB – Referrals to local sight loss organisations

Following the sad closure of Vision UK, we are pleased to confirm that a new project, jointly funded by Thomas Pocklington Trust and RNIB, is underway to determine the best way forward for the England Vision Strategy (EVS). The England Vision Strategy, along with its counterparts in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, aims to address … Continued

England Vision Strategy review project

        A joint project between RNIB, the professional association of the Vision Impairment Education Workforce (VIEW), Vision Impairment Centre for Teaching and Research (VICTAR) at University of Birmingham, and Thomas Pocklington Trust (TPT), aims to establish a UK wide specialist VI curriculum framework for children and young people with vision impairment (VI). … Continued

Launch of UK VI Curriculum Project

Join Thomas Pocklington Trust on 14 October at 6.30pm when our panel of experts will be answering your questions about technology within education for vision impaired children. Book your place now Would you like to know more about technology or specialist equipment available to support your child? Understanding what such equipment is and is capable … Continued

Education technology support webinar, 14 October, 6.30pm-7.30pm

The Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) is encouraging more blind and partially sighted people into sport with a new range of accessible sports equipment. The full range of the new equipment are available from RNIB’s online shop, just in time for the Premier League season which kicks off on Saturday, 12 September. The … Continued

RNIB on the ball with new range of accessible sports equipment

        What is this research project? Guide Dogs, RNIB and Thomas Pocklington Trust are funding research to improve understanding of the needs of blind and partially sighted people. The aim is to listen to different sections of this broad audience in more detail and better define and understand their specific attitudes and … Continued

Segmentation research: request for support from Visionary members

        Charities across the sight loss sector are calling for people with vision impairment to take part in a landmark research study. The Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB), Guide Dogs and Thomas Pocklington Trust have jointly launched the study to uncover the realities of life for blind and partially sighted … Continued

Charities call for participation in landmark research

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