Stuart Clayton CEO, Galloways


What’s your professional background?

I have over 25 years’ experience of working in the social care sector and 12 years’ experience of working at a Senior Management level, the latter 8 years working as Chief Executive of two regional charity’s. Before joining Galloway’s Society for the Blind in 2012 as the CEO, I enjoyed six years working in various management roles at Action for Blind leaving my role as Director of Services.

Why do you volunteer for Visionary and what makes it worthwhile?

I saw the benefit of NALSVI when working for Action for Blind People. Thanks to the drive and passion of a number leaders of local sight loss organisations Visionary has grown from strength to strength over a number of years. I believe in a sector approach that makes all our local organisations stronger and if I can add value to this movement then I will do my utmost to contribute. Having the opportunity to see the national picture, hearing about the amazing work of many local sight loss organisation and being part of the development of an organisation which truly represents it’s members is an absolute privilege.

What do you think Visionary adds to the sector?

I understand that a message of collaboration is not always easy to hear: local organisations like ours exist because those who work and volunteer for them each believe passionately in its importance. And we are right to do so. But as the challenges of the future begin to bear down on us, I believe that this big shift must begin to happen – the sector must be open to work together, to collaborate, to share expertise and resources; to focus less on individual interests and more on the benefits that working together will bring.

I absolutely believe that we are stronger together and that Visionary plays a vital role in bringing local sight loss charities large and small together. As busy local organisations it is often difficult to see exactly how significant we are nationally in the delivery of services at a local level. Visionary helps to articulate the impact we all make both individually and collectively. More recently, thanks to the ongoing support from the Thomas Pocklington Trust, Visionary has been able to play a more active role in providing practical help, support and guidance to many local sight loss organisations. However, we must not forget the ‘voice’ Visionary needs to have at the top table representing the otherwise untold work of our amazing sector. Visionary has grown to provide us with a stronger voice of influence and long may that continue.




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