NHSX digital and your opportunity to influence digital access to NHS services

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RNIB recently met with NHSX digital as part of their information gathering to inform the digital strategy they’re developing which RNIB have shared with Visionary members. It’s an opportunity for the sight loss sector to provide further feedback.

This online feedback gathering is being undertaken by Midlands and Lancashire Commissioning Support Unit, working with the NHS Transformation Unit and Kaleidoscope Health and Care, on behalf of NHSX. The purpose of this online feedback is to gather information on how using more digital technology could help deliver better care within five healthcare services:

  1. ambulance services
  2. community services
  3. dentistry
  4. optometry
  5. pharmacy

NHSX’s vision is for these areas to lead the way in using digital technology to improve care, but it recognises that so far, these areas have had fewer opportunities to implement innovative digital services. This online feedback form seeks to gather information about what it will take to meet this vision and gather views to help make the best possible decisions for the future. The project will help NHSX produce the digital strategy for these sectors from 2021/22 onwards.

We are engaging a wide range of people and organisations through events, interviews, and this feedback form. NHSX wants this to be the start of a conversation with a community of people committed to learning and improving how we use digital technology. There will be more opportunities to join in or get involved in the future.

Feedback is sought via NHSX’s online survey giving the opportunity for the sight loss sector to provide further feedback. The deadline for responses is Sunday 14 February 2021.

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