Your Visionary member benefits

Representing members we respect, in a sector we understand. Visionary is a diverse community including organisations of various shapes and sizes across the UK. We are united in our common goal of improving the lives of people with sight loss.

Tailored support

Visionary offers tailored support to our members. Members can access a range of services designed to support you in sharing knowledge and delivering the best services that you can to people living with sight loss. Our relationship model means that every member has an allocated team member as your initial point of contact in addition to being able to access our other services.



Our two day Annual Conference consists of various workshops, exhibitions, and networking with an awards night and delegate dinner to celebrate member achievements across the year. The more intimate Leadership Conferences, held across the UK, consist of networking, knowledge sharing and national discussions.

Regional and country groups

Designed for members to share information, meet and discuss issues, progress, news and best practice with our partners at Wales Council of the Blind and the Scottish Council on Visual Impairment. Each group is represented at a Membership Advisory Group (the “MAG”), hosted by Visionary, which supports sharing of information.

Knowledge sharing 

Knowledge Hub

We create resources and signpost to useful information elsewhere on the web to support our members in everything they do. We have sections on governance, finance and infrastructure, communications, income development tools for outcome and income measurement, training and other useful materials.


We provide tailored training events and materials through conferences, specialist training sessions and through podcasts and webinars.

Briefings and Bulletins

Fortnightly, Trustee and Special Briefings provide updated sector news and information on governance, funding, good practice, member success stories, with focus on key news, significant developments, announcements and feedback.


Visionary promote member news, events, stories and vacancies through the use of our website, twitter and briefings so that we can ensure that your voice is louder and reaches further.

Special offers 

We work with other organisations to bring you special offers:

Free HR advice from Roots HR

We are delighted to announce that Roots HR CIC has agreed to provide a HR Advice Line service free of charge to all Visionary full members. Click here for more information.

Discounted NCVO membership

NCVO are offering Visionary members who are not currently an NCVO member a 20% discount. If you are a member find out more here.

Quotes from our members

“Visionary has been a huge support to me and my organisation. The staff are knowledgeable and friendly, the conferences valuable and the contact with other societies a huge bonus.”

“I have been able to meet and discuss with like minded people across the country to better understand the common goals we face and how we can demonstrate the network being a powerful influencer.”

“Being a member of Visionary makes us part of a larger community of sight loss organisations. We are no longer trying to solve all our problems on our own.”

“Even though we are a small charity, totally run by volunteers, we feel included by Visionary and that big, or small, all the members matter.”

“‚Visionary help us to have a better understanding of the sector in general and learning from other sight loss charities helps us to be aware of gaps in our own services‚”

“We have access to technical and professional advice and support, access to research and best practice etc., plus campaigning.”

“We’re able to demonstrate that we have a network across a wider area and are, therefore, part of a bigger influencing group.”

“The range of information and support available enables us to develop services at a faster pace and learn from others and share our own ideas. It also allows us to gain support that assists us to work more efficiently.”

“An umbrella organisation that offers a sense of security.”

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