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John Grounds 

Putting brand, marketing and communications at the heart of your organisation

Charities come in all shapes and sizes. So do budgets and expectations! Whether large or small, with dozens of staff or just one, brand, marketing and communications are at the heart of your organisation’s success. Fulfilling your purpose as a charity depends on your ability to integrate effectively and engage with audiences of all kinds – whether in their tens or in their millions. As a CEO or trustee, you have a key role to play in making that happen. This session will help you to develop a more integrated organisation, demystify brand, identify your audiences and use straightforward marketing and communications strategy models. Using practical examples from many years of experience in the sector the session will give you the confidence and the tools to reinforce the role of brand, marketing and communications in your organisation.


Fiona Sandford

Trustee Session: Being the best you can be

As Trustees you hold the charity’s future in your hands.

Good boards know what they are for, what they do and why they do it. This workshop will discuss:

Why are you there?

Who are you when you are there?

What are you doing?

Why are you doing it?

How do you know it is working?


Alison Oliver CEOAlison Oliver

CEO Session: Resilience, relationships and self-care

The CEO role can be lonely and managing relationships, juggling and multi-tasking can all take its toll. This discussion will consider how we can look after ourselves, look after each other and remain positive, strong whilst leading in turbulent times! Please come to the session prepared to share top tips.


Thomas Pocklington Trust’s Volunteer team
Small organisation workshop ‘Maximising volunteers in every aspect of your work

This workshop will explore how CEOs and Trustees can support, nurture and lead an effective business case for volunteering, across everything you do as an organisation. You should leave the workshop with a better idea of the potential impact that volunteers could be having in our organisation, to support every aspect of your vision, mission and aims. Expect ideas sharing, peer support and practical hints and tips.




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