Ways to partner and collaborate overview



Work with other charities – the Charity Commission’s guidance on identifying partners to work with, drawing up agreements and fundraising for other charities.

Strength in numbers (RS24) – the Charity Commission’s research into patterns of collaboration among smaller charities.

Choosing to collaborate, helping you succeed – this toolkit from the Charity Commission is designed to be of practical help to all charities when considering, planning and progressing a joint working arrangement. The toolkit offers good practice advice and focuses on some of the most important legal and process aspects of general collaborations.

Collaborative working made simple – a document from Sayer Vincent LLP Chartered accountants and statutory auditors.

Charities and commercial partners – a study on the commercial partnership between a charity and a commercial company entering into an agreement either to raise funds for the charity or to raise its profile.

Collaborative working and mergers: an introduction (CC34) – guidance from the Charity Commission about the issues and factors charities need to consider when working in partnership or merging with other organisations.



Joint working agreements – NCVO’s overview on the different types of joint working agreements, their implications, how to produce and use them. It also provides an overview on how voluntary and community organisations can work together on joint projects to achieve a mission.

Joint Working Agreements – Developing agreements between voluntary or community organisations – NCVO’s information to guide organisations developing their own agreements with partners in the voluntary and community sector.

Outline partnership agreement – the Charity Commission’s guide and checklist to a partnership agreement.

Structures for consortia delivery of public service delivery – NCVO/KnowHow guidance on the different aspects/models of consortia delivery of public services by voluntary and community organisations.

Consortium operating models – this NCVO/KnowHow page explores different ways voluntary organisations can work together collectively to bid for and deliver public service contracts; the 10-stage process will guide charities to the different stages of work to develop a consortium.

Working together – tips for preparing the perfect consortium agreement – a presentation from the Wales Charity Law Conference 2015.



5 ways charities can benefit from collaboration – a post on the Charity Connect website exploring some of the key benefits associated with collaboration.

How charities can collaborate for greater impact – a post on the Charity times exploring factors for trustees to consider before starting collaborative working.

Collaborating for impact – a report from NPC and Impetus exploring what makes collaboration a success, and its potential to improve the sector’s collective impact.

Collaboration. More than the sum of the parts – a research on charity collaboration from the FSI Small Charity Index, with a focus on small charities and how they can create meaningful collaborations with other charities. It provides examples and case studies of different types of collaborations.


Useful organisations/websites

Charity Commission for England and Wales – the independent, non-ministerial government department regulator of charities in England and Wales.

NCVO KnowHow – NCVO is an NGO based in England, championing the voluntary sector in England by connecting, representing and supporting voluntary organisations. Their ‘Knowhow’ website provides lots of resources and e-learning for charities, social enterprises and community groups. Many of the pages are free to view for non NCVO members too.

NPC – a charity that supports other charities, philanthropists, funders and social enterprises maximise their social impact.


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