Quality Frameworks overview

Quality frameworks are the beginning of good outcome and impact measurement. Planning is the key to success – understanding what you need to monitor and evaluate, and more importantly why, is essential.

We have developed a number of tools that help Visionary members increase the buy-in among their staff, volunteers and trustees of the organisation’s outcomes and broader impact. The creation of these frameworks provides tangible ways people become part of your organisation’s overall aim.



Seeing it my way – a universal quality and outcomes framework to ensure that visually impaired people in the UK have access to the same range of information, advice and practical support.

Quality Framework for the provision of Information, Advice and Guidance to blind and partially sighted people – the RNIB IAG framework is aimed at professionals working in local sight loss organisations. Further information can also be found in the delivery checklist of support services for sight loss charities providing Information, Advice and Guidance.

Fundamental Standards of care – the Care Quality Commission standards of care that everybody has the right to expect.

Low Vision, Habilitation and Rehabilitation Framework for Adults and Children – a UK Vision Strategy initiative designed to ensure that every visually impaired person in the UK has access to the same range of information and support.

ISO quality standards and the ISO 9000 family on quality management – the International Organization for Standardisation’s standards.

National Occupational Standards for Trustees and Management Committee Members in the Voluntary and Community Sector

NCVO’s Trusted Charity quality standard (previously known as PQASSO) – this standard sets out what organisations need to have in place to ensure good governance practices, financial and risk management and a system for measuring outcomes.

Good practice guidelines for Eye Clinic Liaison Officers – set out by the RNIB to support them in the delivery of consistent and good quality support.

The Adult Social Care Outcomes Framework 2018-19 Handbook of Definitions – this is used to set priorities for care and support, measure progress and strengthen transparency and accountability.

Matrix Standard – a quality standard for organisations to assess and measure their advice and support services.

Merlin Standard – supports the development, recognition and promotion of sustainable excellence.

Quality standard for people with sight loss and dementia in an ophthalmology department – a tool developed by the Royal College of Ophthalmologists and VISION 2020 UK Dementia and Sight Loss Committee.

HEE Quality Framework 2019-2020 and Quality Standards – these set out how Health Education England measure, identify and improve quality in the education and training environment.

Investing in Volunteers – the UK quality standard for good practice in volunteer management.

Investing in volunteers for employers – the framework that recognize commitment to best practice in employer supported volunteering.

Investors in People Standard – a framework to help organisations benchmark performance.

Eco-mapping – NEF Consulting information’s Eco-mapping is a process framework that helps small companies and organisations identify environmental issues and analyse and manage their environmental behaviour.

Approved Provider Standard (APS) – this is the NCVO a national quality mark for mentoring and befriending projects.


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We know the very best people to help Visionary members are other Visionary members.  Organisations who share a similar vision and mission, and experience similar problems and predicaments but who may have found some nimble solutions and resolutions. Please do consider sharing your guides, plans, templates to help others take their work forward. We can, if you wish, password protect your work so that anything you share will be seen exclusively by Visionary’s network. If you have great knowledge to share, please email your documents to Visionary.


Low Vision Services Assessment framework – the Low Vision Services Assessment framework is a tool from RNIB for service providers and to assess the quality of care they provide.

  NCVO Action plan template(45KB)

 NCVO Glossary (48KB)

NCVO Good outcomes checklist  (46KB)

 NCVO ME framework template A3 (47KB)





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