Sport and active lifestyles overview



Sport and leisure – this page of the RNIB website has information on the sporting opportunities for blind and partially sighted people to get involved in.

British Blind Sport – BBS help blind and partially sighted people to get active and play sport, encouraging them to participate in sporting activities at all levels. The website has a wide range of information about sports and activities, training and research.

Metro Blind Sport – Metro is a London-based charity that creates sporting opportunities for individuals with a visual impairment; its aim is to open doors to sport for all vision impaired people, supporting all ages and abilities. Some of Metro Blind Sport’s members most popular Sports include archery, athletics, bowls, cricket, football, tennis and swimming.

Blind Veterans UK – Blind Veterans help veterans take part in sports – from running and cycling to rock climbing and surfing – at their centres. They organise activities and sporting events and clubs and help veterans take part in special events and join local gym and sports clubs.

Guide to Visually Impaired Friendly Sport – this guide by British Blind Sport is intended to assist anyone who is delivering sport and physical activities with support, ideas and guidance on how to be VI friendly and include people with a visual impairment.

Become a guide runner – information available on England Athletics’ website for those who would like to become guide runners and support visually impaired people by guiding them whilst running.

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We know the very best people to help Visionary members are other Visionary members.  Organisations who share a similar vision and mission, and experience similar problems and predicaments but who may have found some nimble solutions and resolutions. Please do consider sharing your guides, plans, templates to help others take their work forward. We can, if you wish, password protect your work so that anything you share will be seen exclusively by Visionary’s network. If you have great knowledge to share, please email your documents to Visionary

British Blind Sport Education and Training Resources – June 2019 – (3pp., 16KB) – these resources from British Blind Sport are aimed at helping people understand sight loss and gain knowledge of specific eye conditions as well as guiding and supporting, adapting and modifying sports and physical activity to include visually impaired people into mainstream sessions, and understanding how VI people get into activities.

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