Risk management overview


Charities and risk management (CC26) – the Charity Commission guidance on how trustees can identify, assess and manage risks to their charity.

Charities and insurance (CC49) – guidance from the Charity Commission on how trustees can protect their assets and resources by choosing the right type of insurance.

Getting started – a guide by the Institute of Risk Management to help charities with risk management; it is complemented by the supplementary guidance on risk management for charities.

How to manage risks – free information on the NCVO/Knowhow website.

Risk assessment toolkit – a free NCVO/Knowhow toolkit to help charities identify potential risks to the organisation.

Managing risk – a free toolkit developed by Lloyds Bank Foundation and Lloyds Banking Group.

Reducing the risks – a guide to trustee liabilities – a guide available on the Governance Hub, providing guidance on assessing and minimising the risks associated with trustee liabilities.

Charities toolkit for effective risk management  – a Kingston Smith’s guidance with examples templates to support the development of a charity risk management practices.

Risk assessment made simple – an free online guide by Sayer Vincent LLP.


Useful Organisations/Websites

Institute of Risk Management – IRM is the leading body for professional Enterprise Risk Management; it provides recognised qualifications and training, publish research and guidance and set professional standards.


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