Rehabilitation overview

This area of work explores all aspects of rehabilitation and habilitation from daily living skills to mobility. We are developing and sharing resources looking at everything from how to guarantee quality of service to how to measure outcomes in rehabilitation. We encourage organisations who provide support in this area to share resources that they find useful in planning, delivering, assessing and reviewing their services.


Social care and rehabilitation – information from the RNIB on how to get access to help and support from the local authority’s social services team.

10 Principles of Good Practice in Vision Rehabilitation – this document illustrates good practice and what a person with a visual impairment is entitled to from their local rehabilitation service.

See, Plan and Provide – RNIB key study on the state of vision rehabilitation support across England.

Demonstrating the impact and value of vision rehabilitation services in England – this study, commissioned by the RNIB with support from the Department of Health and authored by OPM Group, identified that the cost of providing vision rehabilitation services is dwarfed by the financial benefits.

Sensory Services National Occupational Standards – Standard 10: Work within the values and principles of habilitation/rehabilitation practice and ensure your own professional development – Standard about professional development within the principles of habilitation/rehabilitation work with children, young people and adults.

Rehabilitation – information on rehabilitation and early support to people with a visual impairment from Thomas Pocklington Trust.

Vision Rehabilitation Work as a Profession – the Rehabilitation Workers Professional Network’s website provide key information on the profession, its professional standards and information on the Register of qualified Vision Rehabilitation Workers.

Apprenticeship Standard for Rehabilitation Workers (Visual Impairment) – this standard was approved in 2018 and information can be found on the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education website.

Useful organisations/websites

Rehabilitation Workers Professional Network – the professional body for Rehabilitation Workers for Visually Impaired People.

Welsh Rehabilitation Officers Forum

Birmingham City University (BCU) – training provider for those who would like to qualify as Rehabilitation Workers.


Share your content:

We know the very best people to help Visionary members are other Visionary members.  Organisations who share a similar vision and mission, and experience similar problems and predicaments but who may have found some nimble solutions and resolutions. Please do consider sharing your guides, plans, templates to help others take their work forward. We can, if you wish, password protect your work so that anything you share will be seen exclusively by Visionary’s network. If you have great knowledge to share, please email your documents to Visionary


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