Low vision overview



Information and guidance for eye clinic staff – RNIB guidance, quality frameworks and assessment tools for eye clinic support services. The RNIB has also information on help with low vision and finding a local low vision service.

Low vision, the essential guide for ophthalmologists – a booklet for ophthalmologists supported by the Royal College of Ophthalmologists
and The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association on how to provide care and advice.

Information Booklets – from the Royal College of Ophthalmologists on various sight conditions – including AMD, cataracts, RP, nystagmus, etc.

Commissioning better eye care – clinical commissioning guidance from
The College of Optometrists and The Royal College of Ophthalmologist.

Changes to the Certificate of Vision Impairment (CVI) form in England – FAQs for professionals and good practice guidelines for ECLOs from the RNIB.

Eyes Right Toolkit – Thomas Pocklington Trust’s Eyes Right Toolkit is a tool designed to screen near and distant vision, particularly useful in community settings.

Low vision and eye conditions – information available on Thomas Pocklington Trust’s website.

Low vision – information on the NHS website on low vision and what support is available.

Eye Health Calculator – this tool from Vision matters will allow users to self-assess whether more could be done to keep their eyes healthy.

Dementia and low vision – a factsheet from the Vision UK Learning Disability, Dementia & Sight Loss Committee, aimed at people with dementia, their families, carers and professionals.


Useful organisations/websites

Vision UK – the independent partnership organisation working with eye health and sight loss organisations.

Royal College of Ophthalmologists – the College sets the curriculum and examinations for trainee ophthalmologists, provide training, maintain standards and promote research in the specialty.

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Low Vision Services Assessment framework (18 pp., 121KB). A tool provided by RNIB Group to assess the quality of care offered by providers of low vision services.

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