Income generation strategies overview



Income Spectrum – Helping you find the right income mix – this NCVO guide provides an overview of the different sources of income for voluntary organisations.

How to prepare for income generation – NCVO/Knowhow information for community centres and small charities.

Three ways to diversify your charity’s income – a piece from the Charities Aid Foundation on various ways to diversify income, i.e. corporate partnerships and company gifts, digital community-building and social enterprise.

Generating funds – NCVO’s UK Civil Society Almanac 2016 offers an overview on how to generate funds and associated costs.

Finding funding step by stepSCVO‘s guide to the most important things to consider when looking for funding for an organisation.


Useful Organisations/Websites

UK Civil Society Almanac – Published annually by NCVO, the Almanac gives an overview of the voluntary sector’s scope and characteristics, including finances, workforce, and volunteering; it analyse trends to track changes in the sector.

Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations (SCVO) – the national membership organisation for Scotland’s charities, voluntary organisations and social enterprises.

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We know the very best people to help Visionary members are other Visionary members.  Organisations who share a similar vision and mission, and experience similar problems and predicaments but who may have found some nimble solutions and resolutions. Please do consider sharing your guides, plans, templates to help others take their work forward. We can, if you wish, password protect your work so that anything you share will be seen exclusively by Visionary’s network. If you have great knowledge to share, please email your documents to Visionary 


Funding Strategy Template (CVSR Rochdale) – (9 pp., 736KB) – this document from the Council for the Voluntary Service Rochdale is a guide on how to plan a Funding and Income Generation Strategy.

Devon Voluntary Action – Income generation and managing your money – (6 pp., 3MB)

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