Financial management overview


Charity finance: trustees essentials – the Charity Commission guidance on good management of a charity’s finances and other assets; it also provides information on what trustees need to do when preparing annual reports, accounts and annual returns as well as guidance on the essentials on charity reporting and accounting.

Charity accounting templates – the Charity Commission Accruals accounts pack (CC17) – SORP FRS 102 for charitable companies.

Internal financial controls for charities (CC8) – the Charity Commission’s guidance on managing the charity’s financial activity and use internal financial controls to reduce risks.

Writing the financial procedures manual – free guidance from NCVO/Knowhow.

Financial management – NCVO/Knowhow guidance, techniques and tools for managing a charity’s finances.

Charity accounting – information from the Scottish Charity Regulator on how to prepare a charity’s accounts.

Scottish Charity Accounts – an updated guide to the 2006 Regulations – the OSCR guidance about charity accounting and reporting requirements in Scotland.


Useful organisations/websites

Charity Commission for England and Wales – the independent, non-ministerial government department regulator of charities in England and Wales. It maintains the Charity register.

OSCR – the independent Regulator and registrar for charities in Scotland.


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We know the very best people to help Visionary members are other Visionary members.  Organisations who share a similar vision and mission, and experience similar problems and predicaments but who may have found some nimble solutions and resolutions. Please do consider sharing your guides, plans, templates to help others take their work forward. We can, if you wish, password protect your work so that anything you share will be seen exclusively by Visionary’s network. If you have great knowledge to share, please email your documents to Visionary.


NCVO Sustainable Sun Tool: steps to sustainability – (6pp., 480KB) – an NCVO tool to assess the charity work on financial sustainability.

Financial governance guide – (51 pp., 1MB) – Dorothy Dalton’s guide for the non-financial charity trustee.

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