Data Analysis: Evaluation

Good outcome and impact measurement is essential to the continued success of your organisation. Once you have carried out your data collection it is time to interpret and make sense of it, allowing you to present to your findings to your stakeholders.

Data analysis, or evaluation, is the process by which you scrutinise the information you have collected to discover useful findings that can support your decision making and evidence need.

We have a bank of resources available, including “Handy Hint Guides” and examples, which we are constantly adding to. We can help you navigate through the tools below for anyone looking to improve their current processes. Visionary can offer more involved support in some cases, such as pulling together a heat map (a visual presentation of your data) and also support you with a more in depth explanation of thematic analysis.

We can also support you on how to apply your data analysis/evaluation to your business planning processes for your organisation or in presenting an evidence base for a grant/funding application. We have some case studies below of how we have previously supported our members. Please contact us if there are specific areas of analysis you would like support with. Support requests are subject to availability/capacity within Visionary.

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