Inspiring Impact update (June 2018):

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Inspiring Impact update (June 2018):

Since convening our pilot group back in 2017, Visionary has worked consistently with a core group of partners in order to develop this project to date. This core group consists of: Focus Birmingham, Sight Concern Bedfordshire, Devon in Sight, West London Vision, London Vision and we have been supported by expert colleagues at NCVO and New Philanthropy Capital in order to create the basis for this framework, share best practice and plan for the future adoption of this project across the sight-loss sector. The framework aims to develop a system for the sight loss sector to report on shared outcomes, shared service feedback and shared demographic information in order to understand the impact the sight loss sector is having across the UK on people’s lives.

Throughout the process a number of new members have shown an interest in joining developments either now or through the testing and piloting or through adopting it on its completion. This is great as it means we will have an excellent cross section of members and service users to consult with, but it also means that throughout the membership, the number of partners who see the cross sector potential of this evaluation work, especially around proving our sector’s worth to local commissioners and funders, is also growing.

To date we have collectively met five times order to plan and create the necessary tools needed within this framework. So far this has included: getting together for a Theory of Change day; a Theory of Change review day; updating and consulting with members during an Inspiring Impact workshop at the 2017 Visionary Annual Conference; consulting with colleagues during a TPT Managers’ Networking Workshop; and most recently we met for a Shared Outcomes Framework Day where a dozen local sight loss organisations came together to prioritise what information could be reported on in a shared way and the tools needed to support that.

We are about to start piloting over the next few months, a process where our toolkits, paperwork and framework will be tried and tested live within local charities and used by people affected by sight loss. This will allow us to make any necessary changes and ensure the process and resources are fresh and fit for purpose.

Towards the end of 2018 we will come together one last time for a Pilot Review Day in order to confirm findings and sign off recommendations found during the testing. At this point, we aim to make final tweaks to the process with a view to having the new framework ready to take to the wider membership in 2019, complete with ‚Äòhow to adopt’ training and resources.

Visionary Development Manager, Ian Boyd will be leading on the project as the new main point of contact for members, working alongside the expertise and experience of Alexa Sage, now Head of Impact and Evaluation at Thomas Pocklington Trust. For any questions relating to the project or how you can be involved, please email.


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