In Your Pocket

I am a trustee of a small charity, Communication For Blind And Disabled People and our focus is new technologies for blind and partially sighted people. We are currently setting our store by In Your Pocket made by RealThing UK:

Pocket is based around a smartphone and you talk to it and listen to what you want to hear. ‘Where am I?’ when you are out in the street; ‘Play the archers’ any time of the day, anywhere; ‘Call home’ or any other contact you have set up using your voice and not poking about a complicated chattering screen. The device gets you to thousands of books, podcasts and magazines in the same way and, in the near future, it will contain your own local or national organisation talking news and information if you participate in its roll-out.

Pocket is a huge breakthrough in technology and accessibility for blind and partially sighted people like me. Obviously, beware of sales talk with words like ‘simple’ and ‘life-changing’ but…mastering the screenreader on the PC or smartphone has tended to baffle all but the minority who are techy and nimble with their fingers and Pocket really does the business with the human voice. kredyt w Polsce

To learn more, either phone Natasha on 03337727708 or take a little time at

Roger Wilson-Hinds is a retired disability technology trainer with a history of involvement in the development of low cost home-user accessibility and usability platforms for blind and low vision people.