What’s your professional background?

I joined the Development and Innovation team at Visionary in October 2016 having previously worked with the Volunteering team at Thomas Pocklington Trust since March 2013. In the past I worked as Volunteer Coordinator for European and International mobility programmes in Spain.

What do you do (at Visionary)?

I work with the Member Engagement team and support the Visionary Internal Services department.

What do you like most about working for Visionary?

I enjoy liaising with charities delivering a positive change and seeing first-hand the impact of their works on the lives of visually impaired people.

Why work in the VI sector?

Charities can play such a key role to improve the quality of life of people and it is great that through our work we can create an opportunity for this to happen for people living with sight loss.

If you could be anywhere on Friday afternoon where would it be?

At home with my family, getting ready to enjoy a nice meal together.

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