Gift Aid is Changing

Please take a look at how gift aid is changing.
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Are your Memorandum and Articles of Association fit for purpose?

Corporate governance is critical to the successful running of an organisation. Trustees must ensure that their charity’s key governing document remains fit for purpose. If you have not reviewed your Memorandum and Articles within the last five years you should do so.

Our team regularly carries out such reviews for charities so as to ensure that this key document still works for the charity and enables the charity to operate effectively.
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The Inheritance (Provision for Family and Defendants) Act 1975 – the impact on charity legacies

Many charities receive a significant proportion of their income from legacies, and for those that don’t, an occasional legacy can be a very significant addition to their resources. However a gift in a will can be nullified by a successful claim under the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975.

Is there anything a charity can do either before or after the date of death to deal with the risk that there might be such a claim?
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New Accounting Standards for Charities (SORPs)

The Charity Commission and the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator, as the joint SORP-making body for charities, have developed two SORPS.
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The 5 Minute Policy Manager

A very useful, quick overview of policy in November 2015
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Other sources of Information:

Sandy Adirondack, freelance trainer and consultant has written a book’Just about managing? Effective management for voluntary organisations and community groups’now on it’s fourth edition. Widely regarded as the voluntary sectors ‘bible’ it covers governance and management, managing communication and decision making, managing people, planning, doing and evaluation, managing externalrelationships and managing day to day. Order from bookshops or direct from Sandy’sBooks by Postfacility

NCVO– the largest umbrella organisation for the voluntary and community sector. Lots of information ,advice and support. Your organisation can join as a member but much of the information is available to non-members.

VolResource– useful and practical information on anything to do with running a voluntary organisation. you can sign up to receive email newsletters.

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