Shopping online and supermarkets

Visionary has been working with a range of organisations across the sector to raise awareness of the challenges faced by people who are visually impaired in accessing online shopping and also when visiting supermarkets.

At the end of March Visionary was part of of a group of sight loss charities who jointly wrote to George Eustice MP Secretary of State, DEFRA, about the need to prioritise online shopping for VI people – a copy of the letter can be downloaded below.

Visionary continue to be involved in DEFRA meetings to ensure the needs of visually impaired people are given an appropriate profile and get the response our members tell us they need on behalf of the people they support.

The RNIB have also developed two guidance documents which are available for download below:

  • Covid 19 Supermarket Best Practice For Staff – single page quick reference guide for supermarket staff.
  • Covid 19 Best Practice Guidelines For Supermarkets – a 6 page document to further assist supermarkets to make their shopping services, both online and in store, more accessible.
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