Homeworking downloadable policies and resources

Are you prepared for homeworking as an employer? Many organisations have never had to consider home working until the last few weeks however it has very much become a necessity in current times.

You are still responsible

It is very important to note that as an employer you remain responsible for your employees well being and safety whilst they are working from home.

Working from home policy

Whether it is a temporary or permanent change, having an effective working from home policy is a necessity.

Working from home is quite different to working in an office or other usual place of work. In more normal circumstances it can be an unsettling change for both employee and employer – never mind in such times as this.

At Visionary we are all home based. Several of the team have many years experience of working from home and managing others who are also doing so.

One key aspect to effective homeworking is having a home working policy – there are downloadable examples below which you may wish to review and use.

Another key aspect is the softer side of people management and how to build rapport and trust among a homeworking based team.  We are developing resources and will share these as they become available. In the meantime don’t hesitate to contact us at Visionary and we’ll be happy to offer support.


Often vital to services delivery during normal times, they may be even more essential in the current crisis. They may now be volunteering from home so you need to consider how you handle this change – a sample policy is shared below.

We hope to develop further volunteer management resources in the future.

And we’re saying this bit again – don’t skim past just because it is at the bottom.

Please do not simply adopt and use these policies and procedures. You should treat any information as being intended for guidance only, and not as a substitute for professional advice. No responsibility for loss occasioned as a result of any person acting or refraining from acting can be accepted by Visionary. If you are in any doubt please contact us.

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