Furlough downloadable resources

Furlough contract variation letters

Furloughing a member of staff has to be done by mutual agreement and constitutes a variation to their contract of employment. It is essential practice that any variation to someones contract of employment is confirmed in writing.

We have attached below several examples of “furloughing letters”.

Some are simple and some are a lot more extended – all are in current use by people.

Thank-you to those Visionary members and others who have shared these details with us.

We have to say this bit – just because its at the bottom don’t ignore it!

These resources have been supplied to us by other Visionary members. Visionary has not quality assured these resources nor verified their source. You should treat any information as being intended for guidance only, and not as a substitute for professional advice. No responsibility for loss occasioned as a result of any person acting or refraining from acting can be accepted by Visionary.

If you are in any doubt please contact Roots HR for a full range of procedural advice and documentation regarding all HR matters.

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