Flexible working downloadable polices and resources

We are operating in unprecedented circumstances.

Covid-19 has seen:

  • Schools close, childcare providers close and many parents/carers now having to be at home to care for their children.
  • Restrictions placed upon who we can see, when and how often we can leave the house.
  • Strict instructions issued upon how and when to isolate ourselves from others.

To remain operational during such times then you may want to look at peoples working hours and also considering adopting flexible working practices.

As with homeworking employers need to ensure that they handle flexible working correctly.  This can provide reassurance to both employee and employer.

However flexible working isn’t always appropriate for every situation.

Having a effective flexible working policy ensures that you have a clear process for dealing with flexible working requests and managing them appropriate.

And we’re saying it again – don’t skip past:

Please do not simply adopt and use these policies and procedures. You should treat any information as being intended for guidance only, and not as a substitute for professional advice. No responsibility for loss occasioned as a result of any person acting or refraining from acting can be accepted by Visionary. If you are in any doubt please contact us.


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