Employee wellbeing

Employers have a significant role to play in helping their employees thrive in this new working environment, however temporary.

We are all having to work in very different ways and there is a risk some employees will feel isolated in their new working environment, they might be feeling anxious in uncertain times, they could struggle with making the separation between home life and work life or being productive in a potentially crowded household.

Supporting employee well-being at the current time is a priority for employers and on this page we are sharing resources to help you as employers of both paid staff and volunteers so that well-being can be maximised.

Recent webinars

Staff well-being and mental health

On Friday 12 February 2021 we held a session aimed at those with supervisory/line management responsibilities. Led by Alison Smith, Director and Lead Consultant at Roots HR CIC the session explored how to help promote employee well-being, identifying signs that someone may need support and in particular creating an environment in which people feel they can share that they may be struggling and how to handle such conversations.

A recording of the session is available upon request. A copy of slides used in the presentation, which also contain links to useful information and resources, can accessed here or below.

Several relevant policies and procedures were discussed in the session and are shared below for download and use – please ensure you review and adapt them for your own circumstances should you intend to use them:

Managing and supporting those who are home/remote working.

On Friday 22 May 2020 we held a session on Managing and supporting those who are home/remote working. Led by Alison Smith, Director and Lead Consultant at Roots HR CIC the session talked about the approaches to managing individuals and teams who are home/remote working and the challenges of returning to the work place.

You can download slides from the session below.

You can access a recording of the session here.

Roots have shared a Homeworking Risk Assessment – downloadable below.

This is a link to an audio leaflet by the HSE “Homeworkers – Guidance for employers on health and safety”.

Our HR Matters – advice, information and downloadable resources section of our Covid-19 Knowledge Hub is regularly updated with a range of information to support you as you explore returning to the workplace in these Covid-19 times.

We also have further HR resources available here.

Employee Wellbeing & Home Working during the COVID-19 pandemic

On Friday 15th May Alison Smith, Director and Lead Consultant at Roots HR CIC led a session about the importance of employee wellbeing and resilience, with particular emphasis on the significant impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on our wellbeing. She will introduced practical tips and tools that can be used to help manage both your own wellbeing and there was an opportunity to discuss the impacts of home/remote working upon well-being.

A recording of the session can be accessed via this link.

Supporting information for the session is available for download below.

Online resources

The resources listed below are available for download at the bottom of this page

  • Employee well-being guide kindly shared by Beacon Vision.
  • Employee Wellbeing during the Covid-19 Pandemic factsheet from Roots HR CIC
  • Extensive resources list and links to key areas including:
    • Mental Health
    • Physical Health
    • Personal and Skills Development
    • Practical advice and support
    • Home schooling and activities for children
    • Activities for teams and colleagues
  • Chair Pilates video
  • Chair Yoga video

Need further advice

Roots HR CIC are the Visionary HR partner. They can provide Visionary members with up to 1 hr of support. We have used Roots ourselves and we also know of several members who have used Roots extensively – they have always been effective and efficient. They can be contacted on 01562 840060 or

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