Cyber and Data Security and Covid-19

Whilst Covid-19 is a virus it isn’t the sort of virus that can infect your computer/data systems!

Due to Covid-19 many organisations have changed where and how they actually work, with technology playing an increasingly important role in facilitating such work. These changes do open a whole new range of risks to be managed regarding data and cyber security.

People are working from home using their own devices with some having taken hardware home from the office and there are a wide range of approaches to cloud based systems covering issues such as emails (Office 365), service user data (Charity Log and Sales Force), cloud based files/information storage (Dropbox and One Drive) and various cloud based accounting and banking packages.

We are busy developing resources and information to support Visionary members to manage their Cyber and Data Security issues. We will update this page with further details, guidance and downloadable resources as they are available.

In the meantime we have arranged an online support session, with an industry expert, to assist members:

Friday 12th June 10:00 am – Cyber and Data Security

With many people now working from home, accessing systems remotely and often using their own devices for work then people are rightly concerned about cyber and data security. This session, led by Roger Burgess of Scoria Tech, will help you identify your key risk areas and what steps you can take to ensure you remain secure and compliant. If you have any specific areas of concern or would like to ensure specific issues are addressed then contact us in advance here and please do let us know if you’d prefer us to raise issues/queries anonymously upon your behalf. Connect via your Computer/Smart device and dial in (Toll Free): 0800 169 0432 Access Code: 780-863-517.

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