Covid-19 Exit Strategy and future impact planning

The national response to Covid-19 has recently moved into a different phase, the emphasis being that where we can safely do so then we should return to work.

For local sight loss charities we also have to consider how we can resume services and activities, many of which require face to face interaction with people. Whilst sight loss organisations are managing the same issues as everyone else in society in terms of maintaining social distancing guidelines, it is of course complicated by the issue that many whom we work with and support have varying degrees of useful vision which they can use to maintain the required 2m social distance.

Also, like many other organisations and businesses, Covid-19 has had a significant impact upon how organisations operate. As organisations return to opening buildings and starting services again there are a whole range of issues to be addressed, in both the short and longer term, but there are also significant opportunities too.

Developing a Covid 19 Exit Strategy and Future Impact Plan will help an organisation asses and prioritise areas to be addressed. Visionary member North East Sensory Services (NESS) have developed such a plan and have shared it with Visionary. We have further developed the NESS document and have attached it below as a template/guide which organisations may wish to work through to help them develop their own exit strategies and identify areas of focus.  Key headings include:

  1. Preparing our people
  2. Service User Impact Assessment
  3. Communication Plan (Internal/External)
  4. Amended Fundraising Plan
  5. Amended Public Relations Plan
  6. Financial Impact Assessment
  7. Organisational learning points

Visionary is developing a stream of activity focused upon supporting local sight loss charities as they remobilise and redesign services as we move through the next stages of dealing with Covid-19. We will publish further details of support via our regular briefing. You can sign up to receive the briefing here.

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