Workshops at the Visionary Annual Conference should relate to this year’s theme, Make it happen: Make it matter, which is all about action. It is about keeping in mind what really matters for people with sight loss and finding solutions to ensure that services are delivered for them and with them. What we expect … Continued

Visionary Annual Conference 2019: facilitating a workshop

  Sunderland and County Durham Royal Society for the Blind Project title: A Centre for Sight in Sunderland The project sets out to fill a gap in specialist employment services for visually impaired people in the Sunderland and County Durham area. It will support a total of 30 people and deliver the following core outcomes; … Continued

2019 Development and Innovation projects

    MySight York is the new name for York’s long established charity, York Blind & Partially Sighted Society.  In 2019 they celebrate their 40th anniversary and the time seemed right for modernising.     Karen Froggatt, Chief Executive of MySight York says: “Our look and name felt dated and it really didn’t convey what we … Continued

MySight York is the new name for York Blind and Partially Sighted Society

Lucy, an active woman in her late sixties living in England, became worried when her vision started to deteriorate.

What more can be done for Lucy?

  Visionary has published its highlights document for 2018-19 and once again demonstrates just how vital local sight loss organisations are in providing direct services  to blind and partially sighted individuals. We continue to celebrate and support our members in many ways. Some key highlights include: Our members supported a staggering  229,948 beneficiaries with their … Continued

Visionary highlights 2018-19

The University of Birmingham has published the results of a Longitudinal Transition Study, funded by Thomas Pocklington Trust, following the experiences of young people with vision impairment from secondary school into further education and employment. Findings from the study show that whilst participants are inching closer to the labour market, common challenges were identified: Just … Continued

The experiences of young people with vision impairment from secondary school into further education and employment

Sight loss leading to thousands of Scots facing loneliness Today Scotland’s biggest charity supporting blind and partially sighted people has called for action to tackle loneliness among the nearly 200,000 Scots who live with sight loss*. Research from Royal Blind shows that almost two thirds of vision impaired people have experienced loneliness because of their … Continued

Sight loss leading to thousands of Scots facing loneliness

We have been pleased to see the innovation and support that is going on amongst the Visionary membership in response to changes in the law on data protection. However, we realise that there is still a lot of uncertainty around proposed changes and how best to respond in order to remain compliant and promote best … Continued

Data Protection

We’ve had a lot of feedback in the past few months from blind and partially sighted people and Visionary members, and we’re taking this on board. We’re re-structuring our services, making things simpler and more consistent, modernising approaches now for an increasing number of blind and partially sighted people. Through our national role, we plan … Continued

RNIB Update for Visionary Members

Kent Association for the Blind are currently exploring their options to resume delivery of the Foundation Degree in VI Rehabilitation. This is an exciting time for the organisation to redevelop their training programme to meet the sector needs. A needs analysis will shortly be undertaken to establish what employers would want in order to invest … Continued

Kent Association for the Blind Foundation Degree in VI Rehabilitation

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