We’ve had a lot of feedback in the past few months from blind and partially sighted people and Visionary members, and we’re taking this on board. We’re re-structuring our services, making things simpler and more consistent, modernising approaches now for an increasing number of blind and partially sighted people. Through our national role, we plan … Continued

RNIB Update for Visionary Members

Kent Association for the Blind are currently exploring their options to resume delivery of the Foundation Degree in VI Rehabilitation. This is an exciting time for the organisation to redevelop their training programme to meet the sector needs. A needs analysis will shortly be undertaken to establish what employers would want in order to invest … Continued

Kent Association for the Blind Foundation Degree in VI Rehabilitation

[Please note that voting is restricted to Full Visionary Members only] Please see below the document for the AGM: Visionary AGM Agenda 2017 Visionary AGM Notice 2017 Visionary AGM Proxy Form 2017 Final Statement for the Year Ended 31 March 2017 [due to the size of the file the signed version could not be uploaded. … Continued

Visionary Annual General Meeting

GDPR is the most significant change in data protection law in the last 20 years. Implementation is less than eight months away, however the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) is still working on some of the details. We know that many members are concerned about how to prepare for GDPR, the implications of not being compliant … Continued

GDPR Update and Support

Researchers at Aston University are inviting those that are sight impaired and severely impaired in the UK, to take part in a study investigating the impact of visual loss on diet and appetite. In order to do this we need to recruit visually impaired participants to take part in a questionnaire that investigates the relationship … Continued

Aston University Study

If you area local sight loss charity and interested in joining Visionary, please contactvisionary@visionary.org.uk in order to discuss membership options.

Visionary Membership

Bradbury Fields, in Liverpool, have recently secured a multi-year sensory contract from Knowsley Council. Previously, Knowsley Council managed a range of providers to deliver their sensory services, alongside Bradbury Fields, which is a key sight loss service provider. However, Knowsley Council preferred a single sensory contract and Bradbury Fields, who work closely with other local … Continued

Bradbury Fields

“Key management personnel” of the charity, are defined as “those persons having authority and responsibility for planning, directing and controlling the activities of the charity, directly or indirectly, including any Directors of the charity.” This definition includes the Trustees. As you and your accountant should be aware, Trustees should not receive any “remuneration” for their … Continued

Charity Statement of Recommended Practice “SORP” (FRS 102) and the issue of senior personnel salary information.

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