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Our national partners


Vision UK

Vision UK  ambition is for the UK to be a nation where:
• Everyone looks after their sight.
• People’s eye conditions are identified early, treated and, where possible, cured.
• People obtain services which are person centred, joined-up and good quality.
• People with sight loss live the lives they choose.

Thomas Pocklington Trust

Thomas Pocklington Trust is a charity committed to increasing awareness and understanding of the needs of people with sight loss and to developing and implementing services which meet their needs and improve lives. Moving forward, the charity will strive to champion needs, provide change leadership, seek out gaps in service provision and with the cooperation of like-minded partner organisations, prioritise actions aimed at addressing identified deficiences.


The Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB), is one of the UK’s leading sight loss charities and the largest community of blind and partially sighted people.

We recognise everyone’s unique experience of sight loss and offer help and support for blind and partially sighted people – this can be anything from practical and emotional support, campaigning for change, reading services and the products we offer in our online shop.

Everyday 250 people begin to lose their sight. RNIB has a crucial role to play in creating a world where there are no barriers to people with sight loss. We want society, communities and individuals to see differently about sight loss.

Guide Dogs

Guide Dogs ambition is a future where every person with sight loss has the confidence and support they need to live their lives to the full. Our Future Direction and Strategy Overview explains how we aim to reach and support many more individuals over the next five years, from 200,000 people today, to 500,000 by 2023.

Blind Veterans

Blind Veterans  helps ex-Service men and women of every generation rebuild their lives after sight loss. Since 1915 we’ve provided rehabilitation, training, practical advice and emotional support to tens of thousands of blind veterans.

It’s a sad fact that many of the blind veterans we support suffer from social isolation. It happens as we get older and our families leave us, and partners pass away. For people with sight loss, that isolation is all the more painful to bear.


The Scottish Council on Visual Impairment (SCOVI) is an umbrella organisation committed to promoting equality and opportunity for people affected by serious sight loss across Scotland. Our mission is for blind and partially-sighted people throughout Scotland to lead independent and included lives

Wales Council of the Blind

Wales Council of the Blind is the umbrella agency representing vision impairment within Wales. We work to campaign, lobby and support the improvement of services for people with sight loss. WCB provides a platform vision impaired people to raise their concerns and wishes.

Our associate partners


Esme’s Umbrella

Esme’s Umbrella offers a safe shelter for anyone suffering from the Charles Bonnet Syndrome, their families and friends. The website provides information on:

International Glaucoma Association (IGA)

IGA provides help to everyone affected by sight loss from glaucoma and information for everyone who is interested in glaucoma, people who have just been diagnosed, or anyone living with glaucoma. Services include a helpline, free glaucoma leaflets, patient support groups, a buddying scheme and funding research to help with the detection, management and treatment of glaucoma.

Joseph Clarke Service for the Visually Impaired

Joseph Clarke School is highly regarded for its expertise in vision impairment teaching. It attracts pupils from across London and surrounding counties with vision impairment and/or complex needs. Together with our Research and Development Centre it provides support, training and resources for other educational settings looking to improve the way they cater for their students with special needs and who have vision impairment.

Deafblind UK

Deafblind UK supports people with combined sight and hearing loss to live the lives they want. Whether individuals need some support to get back on their feet after a diagnosis, a helping hand to help them do the things you love, someone to turn to when feeling low or some information, advice and guidance, the organisation is there to support. Services include awareness talks, Befriending, care and support, casework, digital inclusion, holidays, info and advice line, social groups.

Living Paintings Trust

Living Paintings is a unique publishing house and library and the only charity in the UK that designs, creates and publishes tactile and audio books for blind and partially sighted people. These are called Touch to See books. The organisation publishes titles suitable for anyone from pre-school to adult. Its wide and growing range is designed to provide education and life-long learning, enhance lifestyle and support leisure interests.

New Outlook Housing Association Ltd

New Outlook has been providing services to visually impaired people for over 170 years. Starting out in 1846 as part of the Birmingham Royal Institute for the Blind (BRIB), we became a standalone housing association in 1997.

Since then, we have gone through several changes to become what we are today – a professional, reliable and committed provider that strives to promote personalised services to support independent living for people with sensory or specialist needs.

Sense Scotland

Sense Scotland was formalised as a charity in 1985. It grew quickly, from its beginnings as a small group of families pressing for services for their children, who were affected by deafblindness, many because of maternal rubella. Since then, the organisation has gone on to successfully support thousands of disabled people and their families, in thousands of projects and services, throughout Scotland.

British Blind Sport

British Blind Sport enables blind and partially sighted people to have the same opportunities as sighted people to access and enjoy sport and recreational activities in the UK. According to the Sport England Active People survey 5, visually impaired people have the second lowest participation rates of all impairments groups. Sport and recreational activities can enhance the lives of people with visual impairments, by improving their health and increasing their social interaction.

British Computer Association Of The Blind

Established in 1969, British Computer Association of the Blind (BCAB) is the oldest association of blind and partially sighted technology users in the world. Originally created to support computer professionals, we now promote and encourage the use of technology among all blind and partially sighted people. Our key activities include:

Keratoconus Group (The Keratoconus Self Help and Support Association)

Our  work is concentrated in the following areas:

Macular Society

The Macular Society’s vision is to end macular disease. Macular disease is the biggest cause of sight loss in the UK, with 300 people diagnosed every day. There is only one way to Beat Macular Disease for good. We must fund much more research now, until we find a cure, or find treatments that stop it in its tracks. Our mission:

National Federation of the Blind of the United Kingdom

National Federation of the Blind of the UK is a national membership organisation of blind and partially sighted people working and campaigning on behalf of others in the UK with similar difficulties. With representatives in numerous organisations and committees, working with Local Authority and Government departments, we strive to improve the overall welfare and quality of daily life for all blind, partially sighted, deaf-blind people and those whose sight impairment is part of multi disability.

Royal Society for Blind Children

Royal society for Blind Children provides a range of services in London and across England and Wales for blind and partially sighted children and young people, their families, and the professionals who work alongside them. These include:

Retina UK

Retina UK supports people affected by inherited progressive sight loss and invests in medical research to ensure that people can lead a fulfilling life. We are the only UK charity dedicated solely to working for people affected by inherited sight loss.

Our vision is a world where everyone with inherited sight loss is able to live a fulfilling life. By stimulating and funding medical research, we increase the understanding of these conditions and accelerate the search for treatments for the future. The information and support we provide helps people lead better lives, today. We ensure no-one with inherited sight loss need feel alone.

Retina UK was formerly known as RP Fighting Blindness.

The Royal National College for the Blind

The Royal National College for the Blind (RNC) is  the UK’s leading specialist residential college of further education for people with a visual impairment. Since 1872, we have been building on our expertise and successes, which enable the College to offer a variety of products and services to a diverse audience. It’s not all about education for the 120 or so learners who come through our doors each year – we also offer specialist training and support to businesses, universities and other education providers, and specialist professionals working with visually impaired people.





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