Visionary’s annual conference – 14-15 November 2019 (networking evening 13 Nov)

Make it happen: Make it matter

This year’s theme – Make it happen: Make it matter – is all about action. It’s all about keeping in sight what really matters for individuals with sight loss. And it’s all about finding solutions to ensure your services deliver for them and with them. Our 2019 conference will embrace the collective knowledge and skills Visionary members have so that, together, we can continue to break through the barriers that are stopping individuals getting the support they need when they need it.


Aston Conference Centre

After reviewing and visiting various locations we have decided to, once again, hold our conference at Aston Conference Centre in Birmingham. The venue has repeatedly received high praise from our previous delegates and we can find no other location that is so centrally located for members across the UK.   We will be announcing the programme and workshops towards the end of Spring.


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