What is Visionary?

Visionary is a membership organisation. Our aim is to establish a strong sustainable national network of high quality local voluntary organisations to join up with national organisations and public sector providers to ensure that all people living with sight loss in the UK can access the services they need at a local level when they need them.

This is in accordance with our Vision, Mission and Values.

Our Vision

A world in which people living with sight loss can access the services they need at local level where and when they need them.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop a strong national network of good quality local sight loss societies covering all parts of the UK.

Our Values

We will develop inclusive partnerships by: acting with integrity; instilling trust; being creative, being brave

Our Strategic priorities

  1. Identify: identifying the unmet needs of blind and partially sighted people;
  2. Develop: developing the roles of local sight loss organisations in meeting these needs;
  3. Share:  developing a strong national network and working with partners to support the effective delivery of consistently high quality services for people with sight loss.

Our promise to our members

  • We will strive to empower our members to provide the best possible services with and for the visual impairment community.
  • We will provide professional, expert support, guidance and skills.
  • We will be honest and transparent.
  • We will engage with members in an efficient, timely and courteous manner.
  • We will communicate with a unified voice ensuring members receive consistent messages in their preferred format.
  • We will ask for and acknowledge feedback.

Our History and our Future

We began with the formation of The National Association of Local Societies for Visually Impaired People (NALSVI) in 1991 and, in 1995, charitable status followed. For 18 years NALSVI was run by a dedicated volunteer Executive Committee, supported by one part-time member of staff.

In 2010 the name of the organisation was changed to Visionary – linking local sight loss charities and the charity was incorporated as a company limited by guarantee.

In 2015 we developed a new strategic alliance with the Thomas Pocklington Trust and subsequently brought on board the new team to enable us to expand our activities, grow the membership and strengthen our collective voice.

During the second half of 2019 we are working alongside the Thomas Pocklington Trust in the next stage for Visionary with a formal funding agreement with TPT being put in place.  This will put us in a great position to continue supporting members in the fantastic work they do with blind and partially sighted people.  The funding will be a long term deal.  We will be finalising the details of the arrangement over the next few months and will keep our members informed.

See also our Governance page

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