A new initiative from RNIB: Involvement made simple with ‘Connect Voices’


One of RNIBs key values is ‘Being led by people with sight loss’. This is the reason they created Connect Voices, a way for their customers to use their experience of sight loss to help drive what the charity; think, decide and do. RNIB have also introduced opportunities for customers to get involved through external channels. People can take part in as little or as much as they like, examples include:

  • Working on short and long term projects with staff
  • Take part in surveys
  • Answer quick questions from staff
  • External opportunities from TV and radio companies or helping universities with their research
How do people get involved with Connect Voices?

There are three ways to get involved. The first, and most responsive is via RNIBs online platform.

Customers can join by emailing their name and email address to RNIBs involvement team: Involvement@rnib.org.uk with the subject: New joiner request.

No online, no problem

The second way to get involved is by listening to RNIBs Connect Radio station – Freeview channel 730. Specific involvement opportunities and information will feature on the daily connect show between 10-12 noon.

The third, is the RNIB Telephone Information Line, for customers who want to hear about their involvement opportunities by phone. Call 0203 432 1488 and choose option 5.

It would be great to give people the option to be involved in multiple opportunities both regionally and nationally. If you would like to give customers more ways to get involved and would like more information on RNIB Connect Voices, please get in touch by email.

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