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 Vision Support (in Chester) recently successfully challenged a local authority sensory contract tendering process.  This resulted in a 6 month extension to their current agreement and secured jobs. The commissioners cancelled the contract award process and will be conducting a new tendering process in the future.

Vision Support had been unhappy with how the tender process had been operated, especially regarding how information was not shared in an equal and transparent fashion and how a tender presentation and assessment event had been conducted. When they were informed of their unsuccessful bid, Vision Support contacted Visionary and together we worked through the various issues and helped them identify that they did have substantial grounds for a challenge. We guided them through how to make an appeal and using the details they provided we developed, on their behalf, an evidenced based 10 page formal tender decision appeal document which Vision Support submitted. All of this demonstrates that it is possible to successfully challenge unfair decisions.

Visionary have in the past, and are currently supporting, a number of members experiencing unfair and challenging situations and these are often very sensitive situations both in terms of relationships and commercial sensitivities. We support members entirely confidentially and we are very discreet. Thank-you to Vision Support  for allowing us to share this example.

If you would like to discuss how Visionary could support your local sight loss organisation to deal with any sensitive, difficult or unfair issues then please contact the Income Development team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in the strictest confidence.  

Written on 21/09/2017
bvuk-susses-eye-hosp-launch-exhibition-by-vi-artist-to-mark-national-eye-health-week Blind Veterans UK and Sussex Eye Hospital launch exhibition by vision-impaired artists to mark National Eye Health Week
Written on 14/09/2017
visionary-annual-conference-2017-booking-now-open Visionary Annual Conference 2017- Booking now OPEN!
Written on 13/09/2017
community-fundraiser Community Fundraiser
Written on 11/09/2017
Written on 11/09/2017
Written on 11/09/2017

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