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The First Steps packs are a free initiative used to break down barriers and allow VI children to be introduced to sport in an accessible and family-friendly way. 76 families took part in The First Steps pilot in Scotland. The pack, small enough to fit through a standard letter box, was fully equipped with an audible ball, pump, activity book of exercises and reward stick book and chart. Nicknamed ‘Jangles’ the ball with a personality, participants highlighted the First Steps pack had increased their child’s confidence as well as an increasing parent’s confidence to seek information on physical activity and sport. There was a clear sense of enjoyment that came with utilising the pack, as many children had not had access to adapted sports equipment previously.

“She would always say help me… my dad (her grandad) was throwing the balloon about and she caught it and we were all like, wow, no helping! I strongly believe it was doing these activities with the ball that encouraged her and gave her the confidence that ‘I can do this’.” – Parent of a Participant.

British Blind Sport are now looking to secure funding to deliver this project throughout the UK. With over 25,000 visually impaired children living in UK, we hope to apply the learnings from the pilot project and make a tangible difference to the life of these children by helping them take their first steps into sport.

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