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Strong communities can make a difference!

When we found out the local bus company decided to change, without any consultation, the bus stopping points outside Wakefield District Sight Aid centre we decided to quickly mobilise a campaign. The impact on the change to the bus stops meant a much longer walk to our facility which would have a detrimental impact on access for members.

With the support of a member and volunteer to co-ordinate a petition and speak to councillors, the media, community groups and businesses in the area the issue quickly gained momentum. Press coverage followed and with the backing of the local Transport Committee, the decision was reviewed  and overturned. With some 600 signatures raised the strength of feeling in terms of the impact on reducing the service was evidence enough for Arriva Bus Company to reinstate the service just 3 weeks after it was withdrawn which shows that strong communities can make a difference.



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Written on 20/07/2017
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strong-communities-can-make-a-differenceStrong communities can make a difference!
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