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Do something about the website ….

Everyone has jobs which they know need to be done but somehow they keep dropping down the to-do list. One of these jobs which continually re- appeared on my list was ‘do something about the website’.


We felt our website looked and felt dated – although it described what we did it didn’t convey how we did it. Any sense of the Visibility ethos was missing and it felt impersonal and uninviting. It didn’t feel like us.


Eventually it reached the top of the list and we went for it! We established a short term working group and held long and sometimes painful on-line discussions.


Eventually after much navel gazing we concluded:

  • The purpose of our website is to invite people to contact Visibility
  • We didn’t want to give too much information because we want people to contact us for more
  • We wanted to share how we work rather than focus on what we do
  • The website is a key marketing tool
  • We wanted to give information to specific audiences – visually impaired people, professional colleagues, carers, donors and potential employees


We came up with five key messages we wanted to convey:

  • Visibility is caring, friendly, reliable, trustworthy and knowledgeable
  • We can help you
  • We can look after you or your family member
  • We will make good use of your money
  • Work and volunteer with us


Crucially, we decided what we wanted people to do after visiting our website:

  • Contact us
  • Tell other people good things about us
  • Use our services
  • Support us
  • Refer to us
  • Apply to work or volunteer with us


We needed the website to be accessible and we wanted the website to be designed from mobile up because our analytics told us that around 70% of visitors are using a mobile device.


We decided to put the work out to tender and after interrogating (with no mercy!) 4 companies we appointed Edinburgh based Primate to work with us.


Our new website can be found here and I would be really grateful for some Visionary members (honest) feedback!


 Visibility website


So did it disappear from my to-do list? You know that feeling when you decorate one room …. everything else just looks a wee bit shabby?


Once we had our shiny new website our literature just looked more than a wee bit shabby! And talk about information overload ….


So – do something about the literature ….

After much discussion and carrying out a literature review with staff and users – it just needed to be changed! We identified grant funding which we could use to produce informative, short and snappy leaflets and flyers – so most of the materials were externally funded.


Again we went back to answering the key questions:

  • Who is it for?
  • What are we telling them?
  • What do we want them to do after reading it?


Our literature is for visually impaired people and anyone who has contact with them.


We are telling them that Visibility can help and sharing some of our knowledge.


What we want people to do is a bit more complex. We want them to feel better and less alone. We want them to feel more informed. We want them to contact us and finally we want people to know we need donations.


We have worked with an amazingly patient designer Ross McLeod. I am sure Ross’s life has been shortened by at least a decade by the experience! But - from our point of view finding someone who is creative and willing to go with our ever changing views made designing and writing 14 different publications in addition to creating new publicity banners and new home money boxes so much easier than it might have been.


Take a look here and tell us if you think we did what we set out to do.

Fiona Sandford and Sarah Quinn


June 2017


Written on 21/08/2017
british-blind-sport-participation-officer British Blind Sport: Participation Officer
Written on 17/08/2017
essex-sight-community-support-team-leader Community Support Team Leader
Written on 16/08/2017
sight-support-derbyshire-opening-doors-social-leisure-project-worker Opening Doors Social & Leisure Project Worker 
Written on 16/08/2017
bury-society-for-blind-partially-sighted-people-early-intervention-officer-for-people-with-a-visual-impairment Early Intervention Officer for People with a visual impairment
Written on 14/08/2017
revised-cvi    Launching the updated Certificate of Vision Impairment Form and Explanatory Notes for Ophthalmologists   Background When a...
Written on 14/08/2017

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