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Visual Impairment Awareness Training (VIAT) Shared Royalty Scheme for Visionary Members

Visionary Members can now benefit from a shared royalties scheme with Christopher Grange Rehabilitation Centre who have designed a Visual Impairment Awareness Training course.

The Visual Impairment Awareness Training course has been produced to provide information and understanding to sighted people so that they can better understand and assist people who are visually impaired. The knowledge gained will enable the learner to communicate with the visually impaired in a more effective way. This has been produced in partnership with ‘NCC Training Resources’. For further details visit the website:

Visionary members can contact us to opt into the scheme as part of which you will be given a code for your organisation. When a possible VIAT user mentions that they would like to sign up for VIAT, you can either offer them the face to face or distance learning course. If the user decides they would like distance learning, you can give them your organisation’s code which they will then quote in their order, when purchasing VIAT. Your referred client’s price for VIAT is £20+VAT for the online course and £25 + pack and post for the paper based learning materials. Your organisation will then receive 50% (£1) of royalties to your organisation - for all orders using your code. This will be received quarterly.

For more information please contact Visionary on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Written on 21/08/2017
british-blind-sport-participation-officer British Blind Sport: Participation Officer
Written on 17/08/2017
essex-sight-community-support-team-leader Community Support Team Leader
Written on 16/08/2017
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Written on 16/08/2017
bury-society-for-blind-partially-sighted-people-early-intervention-officer-for-people-with-a-visual-impairment Early Intervention Officer for People with a visual impairment
Written on 14/08/2017
revised-cvi    Launching the updated Certificate of Vision Impairment Form and Explanatory Notes for Ophthalmologists   Background When a...
Written on 14/08/2017

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