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The Visionary Development and Innovation Fund is currently open for applications for financial support.

The Visionary Development and Innovation Fund is designed to help members make a difference to the lives of people with sight loss.

Full Members can apply to get specialist dedicated staff support from the Visionary team at any time to assist with the development of new or existing services, help with reviewing funding options, legal issues, responding to a tender for services and more.

Full members can also apply for financial support of up to £5000 to put towards running costs, salaries, projects or equipment.

If you are a member then please sign in and visit the Development and Innovation Fund page. To become a Visionary member please see the details below.

Development and Innovation Fund applications need to demonstrate what the resource support will be used for, who and how many people will benefit, and how the work will make a difference to people with sight loss. An important aspect also includes how the learning from the project will be shared across the Visionary network.

Applications for financial support are invited annually, usually in the Autumn and members are notified of the date via a Special Briefing. Applications for staff resource support are open throughout the year.

Details of funded projects will be published here shortly.